Dead Man Handle is a kill switch that sends an E-mail when you are incapacitated by using periodic E-mail verification, known as heartbeats. If you don’t respond via E-mail we will send a pre-defined message to your contacts upon your demise.

This service originated because we always wanted the capability to use ourselves. Since others may find this useful we offer this as a free service to you. Please consider donating or buying a shirt to support us if you would like to, but that’s not required at all. Our goal is to be no-frills with as little additional functionality as we can.

We’ll send you an E-mail every month ( this is configurable). If you don’t click the link within seven days (also configurable) we’ll send an E-mail to your emergency contacts. Simple as that. Write out your E-mail and select your recipients, and we’ll coordinate sending the data. Your data will be encrypted in our database and will be removed after 6 months of inactivity ( login or heartbeat responses).

We developed this service from looking at other offerings ( open source and not ) and taking design cues from them to create our offering. Many either cost too much or simply didn’t offer what we wanted. Therefore, using design cues that made sense, we tailored our own services to fit our needs. DeadManHandle won’t charge you for this service and sometime soon we’ll make our source code public. Until then enjoy the site and we hope you can get the most our service.

Please note that we are not a replacement for a will. We use our service as a means to contact our loved ones with information about account passwords, where keys are located, and what to do in the event that we should pass. Let us know if you have any ideas at